LIANG YEE industry was established in 1990, mastered and manufactured in automatic mechanical device, all sort of convey, the exclusive machines for the use of panel manufacturer and design, manufacturing, assembling service.

1990~2003 Our major sales were from automobile companies, production line erected in computer industries, and industrial movement operations.
2003~2007 We began to develop the technology for erecting auto-equipment in the production line for the domestic or international electronic industries, hi-technology and panel industries. In addition, we also provided all sorts of professional mechanic design and develop sales of assembling operation and industrial rearrangement in production for China and overseas countries.
2008 We started to invest heavily in process research for the market of touch panel, especially in the rear end of process in laminating. Based on the water-gel lamination technology, we have researched and developed the semi-automatic and automatic water-gel laminating machine and laminating process.
2009 We cooperated with KUKA Robot Group to attend 2009 Photonics International Festival in Taipei,mutually revealed the application product of the shipping container house with solar panel.
2010 We cooperated with the famous Touch Panel company in China,  implemented professional laminating technology by In house cooperation.
2011 We again cooperated with KUKA Robot Group to attend 2011 Festival in Taiwan, revealed the application machine of touch panel  Liquid OCA laminating device. 
2012 We have got the utility model patent for automatic Laminating machine (M429888) and several invention patents are still pending.

Besides original automatic mechanic design and assembling service, we have already extended to set up the department of laminating OEM at present to deal with the laminating service of touch panel, and also received many OEM orders from several domestic famous companies.

Our company experienced more than 10 years research and development in TFT/LCD equipment and automatic producing machines. To strive for being perfection, we own excellent design team to provide customers with professional service in division of labor, to create a win-win situation.